Serbian Orthodox Church of Three Holy Hierarchs (locally known as Almaška)

SERBIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH OF SAINT THREE HIERARCH- ALMASKA CHURCH is a cultural monument of great importance. It was built in 1797 according to the project of Martin Kovcarski. It is one nave, classicist temple with a tall, massive belfry standing at the west foreground. The iconostasis was carved by Aksentije Markovic and the icons were painted by Arsa Teodorovic(1768-1826), one of the best known Serbian painters of 18th and 19th century. Some parts of the altar were decorated by pictures of Andrei Saltista, a Ukrainian painter. The special icon ‘’On the Madonna’s throne’’ was painted by a famous Serbian painter Uros Predic (1857-1953). Art historians claim that the icons done by Arsenije Teodorovic are among the best he had ever done.