Serbian Orthodox Church of Relocation of the Relics of St. Nicholas

SERBIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH OF TRANSFER OF THE RELICS OF SAINT NICHOLAS- NIKOLAJEVSKA CHURCH is the oldest church in Novi Sad. It was consecrated in 1730 and its patrons were brothers Bogdanovic who built it to be their family crypt. The church was demolished during the Riot (1849) as many other buildings in Novi Sad. Reconstruction was finished in 1862 and financed by benefactors Marija and Jovan Trandafil who founded the fund for this purpose. Nikolajevska Church is a smaller Baroque building with a belfry and a dome upon the central nave standing out. Iconostasis was painted by a local painter Pavle Simic (born 1818- died 1876). His icon painting can easily be connected with Nazarene painting which he, probably, studied at the Academy of fine arts in Vienna. Benefactors Marija and Jovan Trandafil are buried within the church, so as their children Sofija and Kosta. In 1913, here, in this church, the children of Albert and Mileva Maric – Einstein (which was born in Novi Sad) were baptized. On the outer side of the wall, there is the oldest inscription of the name Novi Sad in Serbian language.