Roman Catholic Parish Church of “The Name of Mary”

Roman Catholic Parish Church of “The Name of Mary” (also known as the Cathedral) is built in Neo-Gothic style between 1893 and At the Square of Liberty it takes a significant place, exactly where the older churches used to be in the beginning of the 18th century. During the riot (1849) the church was on fire, and after the conflict, Catholic community started the renewal. In 1864 this church became a constant cathedral. By the end of the 19th century, the Catholic community of Novi Sad decided to build a new representative church. In 1891 the old catholic church was destroyed and they started bricklaying the new one according to the project of ‘’baumeister’’ Georg Molnar. He constructed three-nave basilica with a steeple 73 meters high, which makes it the tallest church in the city. Inside, there are four alters and the main is decorated by Tyrol engravings. Stained glass from Budapest is embedded into the windows and they represent Biblical motives, as well as the heralds of the famous catholic families from Novi Sad. This church also serves as a concert hall, especially for the concerts of organ, since there is one dating from the 1895. After the fire in 1904, the church was renewed; the roof was decorated with hexagonal enamelled plates. The bust of the Georg Molnar is placed in the alcove under the choir. The latest renewal emphasizes the yellow brick that the church was made of, but by means of special light that illuminates the walls and makes it the most recognisable building in Novi Sad.


Katolička porta