British journalist for the Scotsman magazine visited Novi Sad

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Through the National Tourism Organization of Serbia, a British freelance journalist who will write about our town for the Scotsman magazine visited Novi Sad. Mr. Nil Gerati was in Novi Sad from October 17 to 20, 2019, when we, as hosts, showed him the city and referred to the contents in the area. Fortress, art ateliers, drinking coffee with a view, Fish Market, Almaska region, passages of Zmaj Jovine Street, Museum of Vojvodina were on our route, and the remaining time was used by the journalist to go to Sremski Karlovci and wine tasting, visit Fisherman Island and visit Futoska markets on a Sunday morning.

We are sure that we have succeeded in bringing Mr. Gerati closer to the culture and heritage of our city, and we are expecting an article with impressions early next year.