Attractions for the stomach and muscles

After a good entertainment during the night, a New Year specialty is traditionally eaten – the legendary “index sandwich”. This modest meal has been brought to perfection in Novi Sad, and it is served by several specialised shops – Index Vanessa, Index Mirjana, Index Maja, Index House 021 … The lovers of hedonism and a miraculous coffee potion can start the following morning at one of the many cafes in the city centre, such as “Loft”, “Epoch” and “Frida Kahlo”, which they also serve a classic continental breakfast. You must make sure to try local specialties, and those who love sweets must not miss kuglof, gomboce and various kinds of homemade dough and pastries.
Novi Sad offers various opportunities for efficient spending of calories rather than money, as many of them are very affordable or even completely free. People of Novi Sad love basket and you can enjoy in this popular sport at the Danube Quay where tournaments are often held or you can measure your strength with your friends in one of the many outdoor gyms that have been lately set around the city. This city is also ideal for walking lovers because you can get to know it all up the smallest details accompanied by guides.
Novi Sad is famous for its long cycling culture, so you can cruise on your or rented bike around the city and its beautiful surroundings. For those who like to observe the Vojvodina flatland from the heights, there is “Wonderland” Adrenaline Park, while the main gathering place for all extreme sports fans is the Skate Park. Icy Forest is open in Dunavski Park (Danube Park) every year. It is one of the biggest ice rinks in this area, and more and more visitors are the bowling alleys and Room Escape adventures where you can test your skills and detective spirit by solving various mysteries and riddles. When you get tired of all these activities, visit Kej žrtava racije (Quay of the Victims of the Raid) together with your friends, favourite among young people, where you can enjoy in a unique view of the Danube and Petrovaradin Fortress.