Vojvodjanska bank building

VOJVODJANSKA BANK BUILDING, formerly Army club. Archives say that in this place, in 1754, there was a one-storey building café ‘’Kodzelenogvenca’’ owned by a Captain Sava Nikolic. This café became a hotel called ‘’Zelenivenac’’ but its owners kept changing until the very day of its existence by the end of the 19th century, when it was demolished. During the 1850s this hotel was the meeting point and a place for bitter political debates between high-class members and supporters of SvetozarMiletic. At the end of the 19th century, the hotel lost its glamorous appearance and distinguished clients. In 1892, on the site of ‘’Zelenivenac’’ Emmerich Mayer built a luxury hotel in Neo-Baroque style named ’’Grand Hotel Mayer’’. In 1916, Lazar Dundjerski, a wealthy manufacturer and tradesman, bought the hotel and since then it became celebration and balls venue, as well as the place for political conventions. On November 26th, 1918 in this building , the Great National Assembly of Slavs from Banat, Backa and Baranja region proclaimed the annexation of Voj- vodina to the Kingdom of Serbia. Among 757 delegates there were 7 women, who, exceptionally, were given rights to vote. After the WWII the hotel was renamed into ’’The Liberty’’ until 1953 when it became Army club. From that moment on, no longer had the hotel existed at this place and the tradition had been bro- ken. During the transition the building became the seat of Vojvodjanska Bank.


Freedom square ( Trg Slobode )