Hotel “Vojvodina”

HOTEL ‘’ VOJVODINA’’ For more than a century and a half at this place has always been a hotel. It was only changing its names. The first one was built by Johan Eighler. That was a luxuriously furnished Late-Classicist building named after the Empress Elisabeth (of Austria), spouse of the Emperor Franz Joseph I. This used to be a meeting place of high-class and was known for its exquisite cuisine, wines, balls and parties. The next owner was Gideon Dundjerski. In 1895, in the hotel yard, Lazar Dundjerski built a theatre according to the project of Vladimir Nikolic. The theatre which had 650 seats was deflagrated in 1928 and flames destroyed the library, wardrobe, decorations and numerous objects that were in possession of Serbian National Theatre. After the WWI, the hotel was given name ‘’The queen Mary’’ (the wife of the king Aleksandar Karadjordjevic) and after the WWII it was named ‘’ Vojvodina’’. During more than a century and a half the hotel was visited by many famous guests such as: LazaKostic, Marko Miljanov, Milos Crnjanski and others. Celebrated Hungarian writer Lajos Zilahi died in this hotel in 1974, and in his loving memory, a nearby passage was named after him.


Freedom square ( Trg Slobode )