Orthodox Bishop’s Palace

BISHOP’S PALACE, PALACE OF THE EPISCOPACY OF THE SERBIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH has always been at the crossroads of ZmajJovina and Dunavska Street, at the nearby of Serbian Orthodox Cathedral Church dedicated to the Saint George. The old palace was built in 1741 by the efforts of bishop Visarion Pavlovic and was totally destroyed in 1849 during the Riot bombing from Petrovaradin Fortress. The project for the new building was done by an architect Vladimir Nikolic in 1899 and the construction was finished in 1901. Bishop’s Palace is a remarkable and representative building in eclectic style, the mixture of Romanticism and Secession and a noticeable impression is achieved by the decorations of the façade as well as of the biforas and triforas. That impression is intensified by use of red brick that the building is overlaid. There is also the Episcopacy herald on the façade. Inside the building, there is an effective staircase with the wrought iron fence and unforgettable murals and icons in the dining room painted by Vladimir Predojevic. In the palace, there is also a chapel in which the iconostasis was painted by Vladimir Kurockin. In 1919, on his visit to Novi Sad, the prince regent AleksandarKaradjordjevicaddressed to the peoplefrom the balcony of the Bishop’s Palace.