Svetozar Miletić Monument

SVETOZAR MILETIC MONUMENT The monument dedicated to Svetozar Miletic, the most significant Serbian politician in the 19th century, is placed at the Square of Liberty. Statue made in bronze and 5 meters tall, is a work of a famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic from 1939. During the WWII the monument was moved away in order not to be destroyed or damaged, and after the war ended, it was moved back to the place where it stands still. SvetozarMiletic(born 1826- died 1901) was a lawyer, a Mayor of Novi Sad (1861-1862; 1867-1868), a Member of parliament of Hungary and Croatia, president of the Serbian reading room, one of the founders of Serbian National Theatre (1861), of Srbian national free mindparty (1869) and a starter of a newspaper ’’Zastava’’ (1866) which was among the most significant Serbian paper in the Austrian Empire. His ideas and his political programme had a great impact on the national strateg y and the national movement of the Serbs from Vojvodina during the second half of the 19th century. Many times he was arrested, sentenced and imprisoned because of his political activity. Since he spent many years in prison, he became ill and therefore he secluded from the political life. He died in Vrsac in 1901.


Freedom square ( Trg Slobode )