City Hall

CITY HALL (also known as Magi-strate, Rathaus, Varoshaz) which was built in 1895, is situated at the Square of Liberty and represents a monumental NeoRenaissance building. Back in 1855, they had a competition at which all the builders of the Austrian Empire could compete. The job was given to the so called ’’ baumeister’’(in German-construction worker) Georg Molnar. Finally, he fulfilled his mission and finished the building containing four domes, one at each corner, and a tower at the top of it, with a balcony. On the top of the tower, there used to be a bell serving as fire alarm. Citizens of Novi Sad gave this bell a name: Matilda. In wartime, the bell was remelted, but it has not been forgotten. The most noticeable elements of the facade are allegoric statues made by Julije Anika, a sculptor from Novi Sad. Sculptures made of plaster represent Greek mythology, human activities and highly moral presentations as a rule. Today, city hall is the seat of the Mayor and some appropriate services. Inside, there is a ceremonial hall which was decorated by a painter Pavle Ruzicka. He made certain medallions representing the symbols of agricultural, tradesmen and craftsmen class.


Freedom square ( Trg Slobode )