Dunavski (Danube) Park

Dunavski (Danube) Park relies partly on Dunavska Street after which it was named. By the beginning of the 19th century the area covered by the park nowadays used to be the marshy terrain. The regulation and drainage works started by the end of the 19th century. First land reclamation measures included filling of land for the needs of building “At the English Queen’s” that later on accommodated the court and Museum of Vojvodina. Dunavski Park is the monument of nature and protected natural resort today. The park houses the busts of the poets Branko Radičević, and Miroslav Antić, and a poet and painter Djura Jakšić, the figure of the Nymph holding an antler of abundance and a monument to the Venerable Sergey Radonezhsky. There are 750 trees in the park among which one can see plane trees, Lombardy poplars, hazelnut trees, birch trees, nettle trees, wild chestnut trees, and other tree varieties, including one English oak tree that is under the protection regime. Dunavski Park is the venue of most diverse events such as concerts, performances, etc.