Dunavska (Danube) Street

DUNAVSKA STREET is one of the oldest streets in the city and it physically links the river bank of the Danubeand Zmaj Jovina Street. After the great destruction during the Riot in 1849, the restoration of the street started. Closely compressed one storey buildings at the front part of the street hide a wide spread net of passages with shops, restaurants and confectioneries. At the beginning of the street is City Library- the endowment of Arsa and AnkaPajevic. At the opposite side is the oldest house in Novi Sad, called ‘’Kodbelog lava’’ and built in the first decades of the 18th century. It is one of the very few buildings that were not devastated during the Riot. In the passage of the house, there is a mechanism by use of which the citizens of Novi Sad were pumping the water from the well.SvetozarMiletic, Serbian politician and mayor of Novi Sad, livedin the number 14; and down the street the famous Serbian actresses SofijaVujic and her daughter, actress and directress MilkaMarkovic. Across the street, at number 29 is The Collection of Foreign Art, the annex of the City Museum, where visitors can see European artworks created in the period between 15th and the 20th century. In front of the building there is a monument dedicated to a Serbian politician JasaTomic (born 1856- died 1922). Farther down the street, in the numbers 35 and 37 are The Museum of Vojvodina and Museum of Contemporary Art.


Dunavska ulica