City Hall

1. CITY HALL (also known as Magi-strate, Rathaus, Varoshaz) which was built in 1895, is situated at the Square of Liberty and represents a monumental NeoRenaissance building. Back in 1855, they had a competition at which all the builders of the Austrian Empire could compete. The job was given to the so called ’’ baumeister’’(in German-construction worker) Georg Molnar. Finally, he fulfilled his mission and finished the building containing four domes, one at each corner, and a tower at the top of it, with a balcony. On the top of the tower, there used to be a bell serving as fire alarm. Citizens of Novi Sad gave this bell a name: Matilda. In wartime, the bell was remelted, but it has not been forgotten. The most noticeable elements of the facade are allegoric statues made by Julije Anika, a sculptor from Novi Sad. Sculptures made of plaster represent Greek mythology, human activities and highly moral presentations as a rule. Today, city hall is the seat of the Mayor and some appropriate services. Inside, there is a ceremonial hall which was decorated by a painter Pavle Ruzicka. He made certain medallions representing the symbols of agricultural, tradesmen and craftsmen class.

Najuočljiviji elementi fasade su alegorijske figure rad novosadskog vajara Julija Anike. Vajarska plastika inspirisana antičkom mitologijom predstavlja različite ljudske delatnosti, uvek u skladu sa visokim moralnim vrednostima. Danas je Gradska kuća sedište Gradonačelnika Novog Sada i odgovarajućih službi. U njoj se nalazi i Svečana sala koju je ukrasio slikar Pavle Ružička medaljonima u kojima su predstavljeni simboli poljoprivrednog , zanatskog i trgovačkog staleža.

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