Winery “Deurić”

Ekonomija Salaš bb, Mala Remeta

Tel: +381 63 595 679



Deuric Winery is located on the sunny, southern slopes of Fruska Gora, at an altitude of 250 meters above sea level, in Mala Remeta, near the Vrdnik Spa. Fruska Gora has always had great potential and an important role in Serbian viticulture, and in recent years it has gained tremendous importance as one of the most important wine tourist destinations in the region. The exceptional location and natural features, especially of the southeastern slopes of Fruska Gora, have long been known and used. Deurić Winery’s vineyards are spread over 17 hectares. The linden reserve, clean air, springs, lakes and woodland surrounding the vineyards are the basis for the production of quality wines. In the newly built winery, using exclusively grapes from our own vineyards, we produce wines of the highest quality with the expert consultation of an eminent team of enologists from France.