Belgrade Gate

Belgrade Gate is built in 1753 between two bastions, the one of Saint Ernest and another of Saint Ignatius. It is 20 meters and has got two tracks and two pedestrian passages. Alongside the gate there used to be a prison formally called ‘’Central Penal Institution of the Military Court of Slavonian General Command’’. In that prison, their penalty served officers, soldiers and civilians. The best known prisoners were: the Admiral of Peter the Great, Matija Zmajevic (1680- 1735), Bulgarian writer Ljuben Karavelov (1834-1879), socialist and a national tribune Vasa Pelagic (1833-1899), a poet Antun Gustav Matos (1873-1914), a politician JasaTomic (1856-1922) and Josip Broz Tito (1892-1980).