Sports and nautics

Water Skiing Club “Danubius, Ribarsko ostrvo bb, e-mail:
km 1258 + 0.800, left bank
The Club cherishes water sports and it owns the mooring facility for boats and floating plants of up to 15 m of length, electricity and water connections on a pontoon and 24 hours guard service (from May 15th to October 15th). The following services are available only to the Club members:
• Engine repair (on-board and outboard)
• Fuel supply
• Procurement of nautical/marine equipment

Nautical Club “Yachting Club”, Sunčani kej bb,
km 1257.8 + 0.600, left bank
The following possibilities are available for the Club members:
• Acceptance of vessels of up to 17 m
• Electricity
• Water
• Wi-fi
Ljubitelji Dunava – Yachting Eco Club (The Danube Lovers – Yachting Eco Club) – catering services.

Sports Recreational Ecological Association “LIMAN”, Sunčani kej bb,
km 1257.8, left bank
Sports Recreational Ecological Association “LIMAN” was founded in 1985 and it is located in the area of the Dunavac river branch in Novi Sad. The Club disposes with the mooring facility for acceptance of about 100 vessels of the Association members, with the dimensions of up to 15.00 m in length and 3.00 m in width, and displacement of 15 m3, providing that they are out of the navigation route, with the depth in the mooring zone from 3 to 6 m, water and electricity supply connections, toilettes, bathroom, guard services (from 10.00 p.m. to 07.00 a.m.), and a restaurant. The Association can also intermediate in providing of engine and vessel repair services offered by qualified servicing companies. In the vicinity of the mooring facility, there is the petrol station as well as diverse shops.

Sailing Club “Vojvodina”, Sunčani kej 2,
km 1258, left bank
Sailing Club “Vojvodina” is a sports club whose members compete at both national and international sports yachting regattas or are involved in recreational navigation. The Club is located on the left bank of the Danube, within one of its branches, at 1258th km and it disposes with a hangar for accommodation of sports gliders, mooring facility for the members’ vessels, yard for organised winter storing of vessels with the restaurant (“čarda”) and an open terrace. The Club also offers the possibility of overnight mooring on pontoons for boats of up to 12 m, electricity and drinking water supply, use of sanitation facilities, slipway of boats on the shore and repair of smaller damages, and free access to the Internet.

Rowing Club “Danubius 1885” Sunčani kej 13,
km 1257, left bank
Danubius is one of the oldest sports organisations in our country that was founded in 1885. The Club has won medals at all world championships and at Olympic Games. In addition to a rich tradition, international results, and quality coaches, it is also known after, according to many, the most beautiful site in the city it occupies. It is located on the Danube, near the city beach “Štrand” and Novi Sad Quay, a famous walking area of the citizens of Novi Sad, at the distance of only 10 minutes from the city centre. A modern building with the top class fitness club, sauna, hangar for boats, and rowing and cycling training facilities is the condition that enables the accomplishing of the highest sports results and enjoying in quality recreation.

Kayak Canoes Club “Vojvodina”, Sunčani kej 13,
km 1257, left bank
The Kayak Canoe Club “Vojvodina” has been continuously existing since 1947 when it was established as “Uskok”, the first Novi Sad kayak club. In 1983 the Club changed its name to Kayak Canoe Club “Vojvodina”. From the very establishment the Club has created the competitors, participants of the world championships and Olympic Games, as well as the winners of countless titles at the republic, federal, Balkan, European, and world competitions. The number of national teams members from this Club and the number of medals that they have won speaks sufficiently about the growing quality of kayak in Novi Sad, to which not only the coaching work but also the successes of the Club members, winners of gold, silver and bronze medals at the European and world championships contributed immeasurably. The Club gathers young kayak rowers and it also offers recreational programmes for kayak and canoe lovers.

Danube Rafting, E-mail:
If you book in advance, they can organize the following programmes:
• Sightseeing tour of the City of Novi Sad from the Danube (navigation)
• Sunset at the Novi Sad Gate (navigation)
• Štrand-Lovers Island-Štrand (recreational rowing)
• Bačka Palanka-Novi Sad (recreational rowing)
• The Danube ride: Novi Sad-Belgrade (recreational rowing)
The organisation of the programme requires the minimum of 10 persons and maximum of 15 persons.


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