Ignjat Pavlas memorial plaque revealed in Železnička Street

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Ignjat Pavlas used to live in Železnička 10, today that house is the Macchiato House restaurant.

On Friday, 31st January a memorial plaque was revealed to this great Serbian patriot who was killed in a 1942 raid by Hungarian fascists.

Ignjat Pavlas was a lawyer, but he also played a significant role in the preparations for Vojvodina’s unification to the Kingdom of Serbia. As Member of Parliament, he presided on November 25, 1918. The Grand City Assembly in Novi Sad, which proclaimed secession from Hungary and unification to the Kingdom of Serbia. Thanks to his dedication in 1936, the “Sokolski dom“ was established (the Memorial House of King Aleksandar I ), the building that today houses the Youth Theatre.

Pavlas was also the president of the “Danubius” Rowing Club in Novi Sad, as well as the founder and president of the first mountaineering society in Vojvodina – “Fruška Gora”.