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Novi Sad in the world’s media

May 20, 2019

Interest in Novi Sad as a tourist attraction destination is constantly increasing, so it is in the focus of domestic, regional, but increasingly global media.

In the past period, several articles were published in the Chinese media. Over the past several months, the Tourism Organisation of the City of Novi Sad has hosted several groups of journalists who visited the Balkans through the Tourism Organisation of Serbia, including two groups of journalists who visited Novi Sad on the way from Munich in Germany to Belgrade in late March within the framework of a tour of tourism on the Danube.

Journalists on this occasion dealt with several topics, including: festivals, the Danube, the Fruška Gora National Park, the centre of Novi Sad, the Sremski Karlovci, the Petrovaradin Fortress and other topics that impressed them, and first of all they pointed out that Novi Sad is very a desirable destination that tourists from China without a visa can easily visit and, besides being able to feel the spirit of past times, can simultaneously enjoy modern cafes, accommodation capacities, and that the spirit of heritage and history of prey at every step. The spirit of nightlife also gave impression to journalists who write for the younger population, as well as the gastronomic specialties they enjoyed.

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In the days behind us Novi Sad were visited and explored by representatives of the tourist portal and magazine Wanderlust from London. During their stay in the city, they were especially interested in the cultural offer of the city, while in the sphere of interest they were gastronomy, active tourism and the surroundings of Novi Sad, enjoyment of authentic wines from the area of ​​Fruška Gora and the offer of Sremski Karlovci. On their site they published detailed information about the city, recommended what you could do during their stay in Novi Sad and suggested that a trip to Novi Sad might look like.

As representatives of the Wanderlust Portal have seen our city you can see and read the following link https://bit.ly/2w0fuKW.

Novi Sad was interesting for bloggers from Italy, who shared their experiences with Novi Sad as a city break destination on their MissClaire portal, as well as social networks. During the stay in our city, the city centre, the Petrovaradin fortress, ‘Ribarsko ostrvo’ and some of the more famous catering facilities visited. How to present the followers of this Italian blog to Novi Sad can be found on the link https://bit.ly/2HnVRTC. To the following media reports that will visit our city in the coming period, enjoy the texts and photos of bloggers who have chosen to be one of the destinations in Novi Sad in May this year!