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Novi Sad Wins The 7th Place In The Selection For The Best Destination 2016

May 25, 2017

Novi Sad won an excellent seventh place in the selection for the “Best Destination 2016” that was organised by the “European Best Destinations”, in the competition of 20 nominated tourist destinations from Europe.

This is exceptionally great success for our city that found itself on the list of the best European destinations as the best ranked destination outside the European Union, ahead of destinations such as Brussels, Milan, Prague, Rome, and London. We owe huge gratitude to all those who voted for our Novi Sad. The city of Zadar was awarded the title of the best European destination this year.

“European Best Destinations” is a European roof organisation for promotion of European culture and tourism whose members include 355 tourist organisations from all around Europe. It work and annual awards for which hundreds of thousands of travellers from al around the planet regularly vote, affect directly the promotion of rewarded destinations, which record the growth in number of global tourists and investors after that. The recent examples of the rewarded destinations such as Porto and Bordeaux made those cities particularly attractive for visitors from America and Asia, but also from within Europe. More than 2.5 million visitors visit the “European Best Destinations” web site every month, along with tens of thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Their activities are followed by the media outreach that is measured in tens of millions of spectators.

Novi Sad was nominated for the title of the “Best Destinations in 2016” at the initiative of the European Best Destinations, and all those who wished to vote for the best destination could get the information about the tourist offer of Novi Sad at the European Best Destinations web site.

For three centuries already, namely as long as it has been existing under the names of Novi Sad/Újvidék/Neusatz, the city has been the space of diverse and rich cultural heritage of many nations living in it. Material and intangible cultural heritage created during the past centuries, is the basis serving as the foundation of an interactive network of scientific and institutions of culture, which makes Novi Sad of today the space of active meeting of cultures and diverse identities. It is the city of museums, galleries, and events among which the EXIT Music Festival has acquired international rewards and indisputable recognisability.
Recently, the programmes and events belonging to a new cultural matrix compared to a traditional cultural production are emerging – those leaning towards the avant-garde and alternative. Their programme epicentre is the Students Cultural Centre while Chinese Quarter is their spatial epicentre. A new creative energy that is active within the space of the Chinese Quarter is a part of ideas and activities that nominated Novi Sad for the European Youth Capital 2019 and European Capital of Culture 2021.
Novi Sad also attracts the visitors with its neatness, safe embeddedness by the Petrovaradin Fortress – the “Gibraltar on the Danube”, different languages spoken by its inhabitants, and the rhythm so untypical for hasty and chaotic pace of an urban community. The surroundings of the city core marked with baroque, neo-Renaissance, classicistic and Bauhaus buildings, reveals the picnic sites, preserved eco-systems and a complex of Orthodox monasteries settled in the territory of the National Park Fruška Gora. “Salaš” farmsteads, “čardas” and wine trails at the outskirts of Novi Sad provide the visitors the possibility to experience all the richness of gastronomy and rural customs.
Novi Sad is the city that provides the visitors the agenda of unbelievably rich content with its urban core and rural surroundings. Each visitor, according to his or her internal feeling for nice and pleasant, attractive and joyful, useful and accessible can create his or her own experience while learning about all the layers of the past and present of Novi Sad.
Novi Sad, the city on the Danube, the city with the European history and tradition and Balkan hospitality is the experience you must not miss.