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Novi Sad – European Youth Capital 2019

November 17, 2016

At the official ceremony in Varna and after a year of commitment and work on improving the youth policy in the City, Novi Sad was officially awarded the title of the European Youth Capital.

After the final presentation of the project titled “Novi Sad – Opening Doors” that was held by the Novi Sad delegation, 11 members of an expert jury decided to award the title of the European Youth Capital to the City of Novi Sad.

After the OpensDay event organised in the City centre, prior to opening of the first Youth Club, and submitting of the detailed application written on more than 200 pages, the decision of historical significance for Novi sad was made.

Novi Sad – European Youth Capital 2019 8OPENS2019) is aimed at supporting young people to become proactive initiators of positive changes and innovative ideas in the society, not only in Novi Sad but also at a national, regional and international level. The candidacy of the City of Novi Sad for the European Youth Capital is the invitation to young people to get actively included in their own development and development of their independence. That is why the phrase “Opening Doors” was the motto of nomination.
The essence of the project is primarily in linking of young people in Novi Sad and its surroundings and strengthening of the youth sector in order to enable it to assume a more responsible role in a contemporary society. For the forthcoming three years we are looking forward to higher participation of young people in decision making, better youth mobility and branding of Novi Sad as the leading youth destination in Europe.