Monastery Velika Remeta

According to folk tradition, monastery Velika Remeta was built by the Serbian King Dragutin Nemanjić (1276-1316), although the first written data on the monastery date back to the middle of the 16th century. The monastery church is dedicated to Saint Demetrius. The remains of church murals from the 16th century are visible only in fragments. The fresco of Saint Demetrius dating back to 1568 was preserved on the outer church wall. The monastery was damaged by the Turks by the beginning of the 18thcentury, but it was soon restored.

The baroque iconostasis that is attributed to Vasilij Romanovič was painted by the middle of the 18th century. Some icons belonging to that iconostasis were destroyed during the World War II by ustashas. The iconostasis and wall paintings that can be seen in the church today are the work of a painter Dragan Marunić. A six-storey monastery bell tower is the highest among Fruška Gora bell towers. It holds the chapel dedicated to St. John the Baptist.


Braće Radosavljević 38, Velika Remeta, Serbia