At the site where the Danube is so beautiful that every conqueror wished to have it, on a tame fertile bank where for centuries not only the most diverse flora but also exceptional people have been growing, in a climate that resists every unreasonable haste and cherishes patience as virtue, the great inspiration of poets and musicians – the divine Novi Sad – has nested itself.

If Novi Sad were music, it would probably be jazz, because rarely any other genre can unite all the rhythms that intertwine in its cobbles, Fortress, “Štrand” beach resort, parks … One could hear a little bit of saxophone from its cult bands, along with a little of never forgotten tamburica, tender guitars of street musicians, and fierce drums from the fortress…

Summer is time of the year when Novi Sad respires with full lungs and reveals its full shine. A lot of interesting things wait for you regardless whether you have planned them or simply bumped into them due to a plenitude of events in the open and numerous happenings taking place in the city centre as well as in other parts of it. The energy of the city is complemented by a large number of students from various countries that exert a true small scale invasion on Vojvodina’s capital during the summer. The festival atmosphere in the streets of Novi Sad starts with first days of summer already and lasts until the last shy sun rays.

Tourists from over 60 countries of the world make their way to Novi Sad at the beginning of July to attend the globally renowned music festival EXIT, or have good fun at the OPENS YOUTH FAIR a few days before that. The end of summer is reserved for rhythms of samba that transpire the spirit of Brazil throughout the central streets of Novi Sad, whereas the Festival of Street Musicians gives out a special creative connotation to the suburbium of Petrovaradin Fortress.