Culture station Eđšeg

Building of cultural station was constructed in 1890. by Civic shooting society of Novi Sad at the centennial anniversary of society. Project was done by Georg Molnar, creator of Novi Sad town hall. It was build in eclectic style, typical for the end of 19. century. Main hall is richly decorated, while the celing is painted with scenes from hunting and peasent life interlaced with geometric and floral motives. After decades of decay, it was renovated in 2012. to serve city cultural needs, but it was rarely used. In September of 2018. Foundation Novi Sad 2021 took over managment of building, implementing new Europen models and strategy of creative places. Now the Eđšeg is open towards citizens and cultural scene and managed as a ‘Chateau for Families’ offering wide range of programs for families with children and senior citizens. The programs are mostly produced by local active artists and NGOs, but also European artists coming to the city throughout Novi Sad 2021 mobility projects.


Antona Čehova 4, Novi Sad