Beer houses

The beer houses have grown in popularity in Novi Sad with the emergence of wide selection of domestic craft beers and beer festivals promoting them. Every pub has its own charm, while one thing in common to all of them is that they offer a wide selection of this sparkling spirit making the dilemma even more difficult when it comes to making your choice as the offer itself is very diverse. Live music parties and theme nights are organized in almost all beer houses and they also have a good offer of food.

Mazut Pub

It is located in Svetozara Miletića Street no. 3 and known to be the place with truly largest selection of beer in the city. You will be able to find here everything you may think of, starting from domestic beer...
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“Puberaj” is located in the city centre, in Mite Ružića Street. It is an urban and authentic venue, a mixture of barber shop and bar opened up by a famous Novi Sad hairdresser Andrija Nikitović, also known as Brica with...
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Brauhaus is the only beer house in Novi Sad with its own beer manufacture. Beer is brewed from natural ingredients based on original German recipe, unfiltered, of typical “Brauhaus” colour and texture. Here you can see the very process of...
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Shamrock Pub

Shamrock Pub is located in the very city centre, in Mite Ružića Street and offers an authentic atmosphere typical of traditional Irish pubs. Every single detail in the pub is a reminder of Ireland: above the bar you can see...
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Gradska Pivnica

Gradska Pivnica (City Beer House) is located in the very core of the city, in Njegoševa Street no. 6. It is the only one in the city that offers as many as 11 different kinds of draft beer and continues...
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Novi Sad beer house-restaurant “Gusan” is located in the passage of Zmaj Jovina Street no. 4 and is known after the biggest selection of draft beers, domestic cuisine and excellent time with quality selection of music. The thing that makes...
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