NS Concert of the Year


NS Concert of the Year is a unique rock event that was held in Novi Sad from 1993 to 2002. In 2010, after eight years of pause, it began gathering again the most popular performers and audience from Vojvodina, Serbia, and former Yugoslavia. It is always held in December and it represents a specific summary, namely recapitulation of events at a rock scene within the previous year. Thanks to the Concert of the Year, thousands of people come to Novi Sad from other places all around Vojvodina, Serbia, Republic of Srpska, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary and Romania to enjoy for several days in unique cultural-entertaining and educational events such as an unrepeatable rock spectacle – Concert of the Year. There is no band from Serbia which means something at the rock scene that has not appeared at least once in front of the audience of the NS Concert of the Year.

Venue: Sports and Business Centre – SPENS