Avalanche risk – City jam


Street competition in the “free style snowboard & ski” ride is a promotional event that aims at gathering and presenting the most prominent snowboarders of Serbia and the region, who with their skills show the most attractive segments of this sport, and encourage the audience to get involved in similar sports, and also at enabling an easy and effective access to the target group in this attractive manner. In addition to the above-mentioned, other objectives include reviving and strengthening the scene that has been silenced in the last couple of years, encouraging young people to get involved in sports during the winter period, fostering of interest and finding new young talents and new hopes in this field of sports, opening of the winter season, getting acquainted with snowboarders and fans of these sports from other cities. The track is located on the west side of the SBC, on the upper, middle platform and plateau, while the stairs are used as a track and runway for snowboarders, and it occupies an area of around 800 m². A 15 m long runway provides adequate speed for high-quality tricks. The snowboarders are able to display their skills in one of three elements (“rail”, “box”, “tube”) that vary in length from 5 to 12 m.

Venue: SPENS plateau