Fine Art Gallery – Endowment Collection of Rajko Mamuzić

Fine Art Gallery – Endowment Collection of Rajko Mamuzić is in Vase Stajića Street. The core of the collection consists of the collection of works of art that were donated by the collector Rajko Mamuzić based on a special agreement. The exhibition set up was introduced into a daily life of Novi Sad in 1974. The visitors can see the works of national painting created after the World War II whose authors were among the best known from those times. The works of contemporary Yugoslav artists gathered in art groups such as the Belgrade, December and Zadar Group, or The Eleven, which can be seen in the Gallery of the Endowment Collection, make representative examples of the Yugoslav fine art scene from the 1960s. The visitors can see the paintings, sculptures, drawings, graphics and tapestries created by the most eminent Yugoslav artists such as Stojan Ćelić, Ksenija Divjak, Boško Petrović, Miodrag Mića Popović, Matija Vuković, Lazar Vozarević, Mario Maskareli, Petar Omčikus, Ljubica Cuca Sokić, and others.


Vase Stajića 1, Novi Sad, Serbia