Building of the Provincial Government and Assembly of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina

THE GOVERNMENT AND THE ASSEMBLY OF AUTONOMOUS PROVINCE OF VOJVODINA are seated in the building called BANOVINA. This unique architectural entity was built in the period 1936-1940 according to the project of one of the greatest architects living in Serbia in that time, DragisaBrasovan (1887-1965). His buildings still exist in Novi Sad, Belgrade, Vojvodina, etc. He was a man of a great reputation and even was the author of Yugoslav pavilions in Barcelona (1929) and Milano (1931) on The International Exposition. Banovina building consists of two entities. In the larger one is the Government of Vojvodina with all its supporting services and secretariats and the smaller one is the Assembly building. The whole complex was overlaid by the tablets of marble from Croatian island Brac. Inside the building, there is a central staircase made out of marble from Karara. The government of Vojvodina owns a very precious collection of paintings of Yugoslav authors of the 20th century. During ‘’The Days of European Heritage’’, Banovina is open for the visitors.


Vladike Platona