Špajz Salaša 137

As the name itself says, this restaurant is a branch of “Salaš 137” and it brings with it the atmosphere and spirit of Vojvodina rural area and way of life typical for “salaš” farmsteads. It is located at Trg Republike, or more precisely at the rims of Riblja Pijaca (Fish Market) and has managed to become one of favourite places of citizens of Novi Sad as well as of the guests that decide to visit it within a relatively short period of time.

The food served here is of the highest quality, while majority of ingredients are grown on the “salaš” farmstead itself and prices are affordable. The restaurant has already become famous for its breakfasts served on Fridays and Saturdays when they offer a large variety of dishes in a buffet manner. The famous specialties from “Salaš 137” can be found here as offer of main dishes: hock, turkey with “mlinci” (baked noodles), homemade soups and “čorbas” (thick soups), moussaka, cooked dishes and cakes most frequently ordered of which are the English pudding and poppy cake. If you happen to be particularly impressed by the ambience of this restaurant you may buy some of ready-made products such as ajvar, jam, sweets, brandies, liquors, wines as well as pieces of handcraft.


Trg Republike 18



Trg Republike 18