Homepage Blog In the next few months in Novi Sad will be held lectures for employees and unemployed in the field of tourism

In the next few months in Novi Sad will be held lectures for employees and unemployed in the field of tourism

May 17, 2019


City of Novi Sad – City Administration for Economy in cooperation with the Business Association of Hotel Catering Economy HORES will in the next few months hold a series of lectures aimed at educating employees in tourism (from the public and private sector), as well as to organisations dealing with promotion in tourism and academic sector present new, innovative trends in the tourism industry. On the other hand, the training of unemployed persons registered with the National Employment Service will be held, and they want to deal with certain tasks in the domain of the tourism industry or simply improve their knowledge and skills (profiles training: receptionist, cook, a waiter, waitress and wellness associate).

For the professional development of employees in the field of tourism, some of the following topics have been defined: Destination management, destination marketing with special focus on digital and e-marketing, social networks and web platform, development of tourist products with special emphasis on congress tourism, creative industries, culture and short city breaks, channels of sales of destinations and products that are harmonized with Tourism the organisation of the City of Novi Sad and the development of joint project ideas in the territory of the city of Novi Sad.
The aim of the training is to gain new knowledge and skills from the sector of promotion, competence in the field of digital marketing and sales, and among the specific goals of education, there is an increase in the number of tourist arrivals and nights, the improvement of attractions, spending per tourist, and the stimulation of the private sector.

At the same time, education and training for unemployed persons, which were profiled in the field of tourism and catering, are envisaged.

Creation of such programs is important in order to raise the competence of actors in the field of tourism of the City of Novi Sad and the competitiveness of Novi Sad as a tourist destination. Investing in human resources is an obligation for all tourism companies that aim to provide a satisfied tourist (consumer) and quality service.

ACADEMY HORES is the only one in Serbia Public Recognized Adult Training Organiser (JPOA) for acquiring competence in the field of catering and wellness.
The training is primarily intended for unemployed persons in the territory of Serbia, and it is realized in real conditions, in hotels and restaurants. HORES has established a contractual cooperation with eminent hoteliers and restaurateurs throughout Serbia in order to provide technical capacities for continuous training.

The training will be realized at Hotel “Sheraton” and Restaurant “Fish Island”, Novi Sad. Training is planned for about 100 participants from the following areas: waiter, chef, maid, receptionist and wellness associate. The training will last 60 days starting from May 27, 2019.

Applications and information: City Administration for the Economy of the City of Novi Sad, Rumenačka 110 a, contact person Tatjana Vanic, email: tatjana.vanic@uprava.novisad.rs HORES Academy, contact person Jasmina Leković, email: imhos@gmail.com