The offer of original souvenirs and gifts has been especially enriched in Novi Sad over the last few years. Small manufacturers are competing to design and manufacture as beautiful and notable gifts as possible. The offer from earlier period was reserved only for products with printed out coat of arms of the city, while nowadays there are most diverse items made of ceramics, various magnets, watches, paintings, clothing…food.. and all of them bearing a detail of the city or a motive that will keep the memory alive of this beautiful city and Vojvodina in general for a long time.

Jucin Dućan

“Jucin Dućan”, namely the puppet Juca that is the mascot of “Jucin Dućan” represents a typical offspring of Vojvodina region. The handmade puppet under the name of Juca was designed at the end of 2014 as a symbol of Vojvodina...
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The Mother Deli shop & Bar

Located in the heart of lovely Novi Sad, Pasiceva street, we offer a vast array of wines, brandies and craft beer from around the Vojvodina and Serbia as well as best food from more than 50 small, local artisan producers....
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Serbia Art Souvenirs

This souvenir shop operates as a branch of the renowned Belgrade based souvenir shop and is located in one of the busiest streets in Novi Sad. The assortment being offered is very rich and diverse ranging from industrially manufactured items...
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Souvenir shop Souvenirs

The above-mentioned souvenir shop opened up in 2018 in a street that was formerly the home to manufacturers of leather items. The very building of the souvenir shop retained the outlook of the original craft shop but was made more...
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ITD – Souvenir Shop Radošević

The souvenir shop is located at the very plateau of Petrovaradin Fortress immediately after stepping out from the tunnel and completing a long walk on the stairs. TDI is the most authentic souvenir shop in Novi Sad since it is...
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The Werkštat craft concept store is located in an extremely attractive location in the outskirts of Petrovaradin Fortress. The baroque old town, popularly called Gradić, is located on the banks of the Danube and represents the lower part of Petrovaradin...
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