Agricultural household of Sava Graorac

Agricultural household of Sava Graorac is known after mangulica breeding, production of mulberry brandy and organisation of traditional event titled “Koviljskа rаkijаdа – Pаrаstos dudu” (“Memorial Service to Mulberry“).

It is possible to organise the tasting of products made of mangulica meat (bacon, sausage, kulen, crackling…) and mulberry brandy, which is of exceptionally strong smell and taste, in a household atmosphere and upon prior announcement.

Prerada mesa od mangulice (Mangulica meat processing) “Mangulica”
Vojvođаnskih brigаdа 57, Kovilj
Phone: +381  21 2988 558, +381 64 1532 367


Vojvođаnskih brigаdа 57, Kovilj