Educational Camp Čenej of the ŠOSO “Milan Petrović”

Educational Camp at Čenej belongs to the School for elementary and secondary education “Milan Petrović” from Novi Sad. In the atmosphere of a rural household the pupils and beneficiaries master the skills of everyday living, socially acceptable behaviour, as well as the skills of creative expressing through practical training and workshops aimed at enabling them for most independent living possible.

They are primarily involved in flower, spice herbs, and mushrooms growing, preparation of juices and pickled products…

In the camp they organise educational workshops, fine art events and meetings and socialising with preschool institutions, schools and associations. In co-operation with the school it is possible to organise visits through various programmes. Announcement is mandatory.

You can find products from the Educational Camp, together with all other handmade items made by the pupils (souvenirs, paintings, decorative and clothing articles…) in the school shop “Inkluzivno mesto” (“Inclusive Spot”) at Trg republike 4 in Novi Sad.

Međunаrodni put 238, Čenej
Phone: +381 21 714 471; +381 69 880 45 36



Međunаrodni put 238, Čenej