City Hostel

City Hostel is organized in three floors and it includes 14 rooms and 10 bathrooms with the total capacity of 65 beds and ZOVA Open Bar. In addition to dormitories designated to overnight stay each floor has a common living room designated to all kinds of socializing. Each floor has also got a fully equipped kitchen.

First two floors include rooms with several beds and they are ideal for larger or smaller groups while third floor consists of modernly equipped private rooms that are suitable for those who are longing for having rest and privacy, as well as for teachers, trainers and tour guides. The interior of the hostel is fully manually painted, which certainly gives a special charm, contributes to the atmosphere and creates unforgettable impression of one’s stay.

Number of rooms: 14; Number of beds: 65
Radnička 21
Phone: +381 21 64 47 208


Radnička 21