Festival of Slovak national costumes in Vojvodina


The festival of Slovak national costumes in Vojvodina focuses on contributing to the preservation of 270 years long tradition and history of Slovaks in Vojvodina portrayed in a completely original manner. The costumes worn by Slovaks have always been the pillar – symbol of tradition, and served to determine the social-economic status, marital status, age and gender; specific costumes have always set apart one Slovak settlement or region from another. The specific nature of the costumes has been reflected in the use of specific cuts, fabrics, ornaments, richness of colouring, as well as accessory details and jewellery. The review part of the programme is focused on presenting each Slovak settlement with its old collectors’ costumes and presentation of their specific nature and   way of wearing. The festival is enriched with two accompanying events as well as parade of participants that make this fairy-tale about Slovak national costumes complete.

Venue: Kisač