European Mobility Week


This specific campaign promotes sustainable forms of transport, points to the challenges that the cities are faced with and aims at changing the behaviour of participants in traffic and affecting the creating of more advanced strategy for the development of sustainable transport for Europe. During the European Mobility Week one day is dedicated partially to limiting of motor vehicles traffic in cities and allowing mobility in certain zones only to pedestrians, cyclists, public transport means and the so-called “clean vehicles” (electricity driven cars). The World Car Free Day is the event the concept of which dates back to the oil crisis period from the 1970s that acquired a wide international support in 1994. It is celebrated throughout the world on September 22nd by placing the focus on ecological and sustainable forms of transport: public transport, bicycles or walking. It is promoted through diverse activities: free public transport on that day, closing of the streets for motor cars traffic, promotional drives, walking, and performances.

Venue: Novi Sad