The Church of Assumption of the Holy Mother of God – The Assumption Church

SERBIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH OF THE ASSUMPTION OF THE VIRGIN- THE USPENSKA CHURCH is a monument of culture of a great importance. The oldest church on this site was probably built in the first decades of the 18th century. This one nave baroque building with semi circular altar apse and a belfry upon the west foreground was finished in 1776. The iconostasis was carved by Markovic brothers: Aksentije and Arsenije. Icons on the iconostasis are done by Janko Halkozovic, Dimitrije Jankovic and Andrej Saltista. Wall icons were painted by Janko Halkozovic and Vasilije Ostojic, two painters who belong to the most significant Serbian early baroque art. Beside them, wall icons were done by Jovan Popovic. The paintings of the Uspenska church as a whole represent a unique baroque entity.


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