Central Credit Institute Building

CENTRAL CREDIT INSTITUTE BUILDING is placed at the corner of Mileticeva and Grckoskolskastreet. It was built in 1895 by an architect from Vienna but of Czech origin Franz Voruda together with already mentioned Georg Molnar; it represents typical Academic Realism style in architecture. This building belonged to the Central Credit Institute in Novi Sad which, beside the Serbian Bank ltd in Zagreb (Croatia), was the most significant financial institution of Serbs in Austro- Hungarian Empire. The Central Credit Institute was founded in 1890 as a joint stock company with intention to support trade, craftsmanship, economy, education and culture of Serbs within Croatia and Hungary. At first, it was one-storey building but in 1925 another floor was added, again according to the project of Franz Voruda. The most impressive part of this building is its entrance and the dome above it. On the top of the dome, there is a sculpture by Djordje Jovanovic, representing Mercury, the Roman god and patron of traders and trade. The building is lavishly ornamented.