Roman Catholic Church of the Jesus Heart

At the beginning of New Futog, there is a remarkable Roman Catholic Church of the Jesus Heart, built at the site where a Baroque Church of the Holy Trinity used to stand in 1776. The contemporary church was built by the Count family Chotek in the period from 1906 to 1908. Gothic towers of this church are visible from a distance. The church is richly decorated; it has a pseudo-gothic style mobiliar and powerful organ, which, along with the monumentality of the building, gives the church a unique and harmonious impression of grandiose pageantry of the past times. The parish castle that was built in 1776 adjacent to the original church still exists. The relic of St. Eugene, a martyr from the ancient Christian times, whose body rested in the Roman catacombs, is still kept in the contemporary Church of the Jesus Heart. In 1777, the Pope Pius VI gave the relic to the Futog Church of the Holy Trinity built by the Count Andreas Hadik, and now it is kept in a glass sarcophagus beneath the side altar of the contemporary church. The text on the memorial plaque inside the church says that certain stained glass decorations were donated by Count Rudolph, his wife Maria Raday, daughter Henriette, sister Gabriela Schönborn, pastor Josef Eigl and some prominent families from Futog.