Kamenički Park is the oldest and largest one in Novi Sad according to the area it covers. The Park covers the area of around 33 hectares. Park’s location is exceptional since it is on the north slope of Fruška Gora and exists onto the Danube with its entire length.

Kamenički Park was erected in the 19th century around the castle that the family Marcibany-Kracsony and it was reconstructed and extended in the period from1 834 to 1836. At the entrance into the Park, at the site of former and well-known stone bridge, there is a concrete bridge across the Kamenica Stream. There are also the viewpoints and a circular pedestrian lane dating backing to the times of park erecting. In the northern part of the Park there is a natural lake, the only one that remained from the group of five mutually connected lakes. The Park houses the sculptures of the “Sphinx” and the “Lying Girl” that also date back to the period of Park’s erection.

Two oak trees that are located in the central part of the Park are known after their special beauty. These are the oldest oak tress in Novi Sad that date back to 1805. The Park is also rich with exotic plants that were brought from different parts of Europe. The most interesting among them are black and white pine trees, red oak and wild chestnut trees.

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