Futoški park

FUTOŠKI PARK dates back to the first decade of the 19th century. It was erected as the special purpose park around the Iodine Spa. The Park covers the area of 8 ha, 13 and 6 m2. The complex of facilities of the Iodine Spa that are found in the Park, together with its closest surroundings, was protected in 1986 as a monument of culture of high significance so that Futoški Park and Iodine Spa make a cultural-historical unit of great significance for the city. The Park tree flora is very rich. At the when the Park was regulated numerous exotic and autochthonous species were planted: plane trees, magnolia, swamp cypress, black and white pine, Pančić’s spruce, English oak, white poplar, etc. A pyramidal white poplar tree is particularly decorative. There are several thermal water springs in the Park.

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