Recently, the programmes and events belonging to a new cultural matrix compared to a traditional cultural production are emerging – those leaning towards the avant-garde and alternative. Their programme epicentre is the Students Cultural Centre while Chinese Quarter is their spatial epicentre. A new creative energy that is active within the space of the Chinese Quarter is a part of ideas and activities that nominated Novi Sad for the European Capital of Culture 2021.

The institutions such as the Fine Art Circle – Association of artists of Petrovaradin Fortress and Cultural centre CK13 stand out as alternative to a traditional cultural matrix. Fine Art Circle is the largest informal colony of artists in the world since it has been gathering more than 200 artists, mainly painters within the space of Petrovaradin Fortress for more than fifty years now. We should also mention the ITD Gallery or the Institute for Design Transfusion. Cultural centre CK13 is the centre of alternative and innovative programmes that corresponds with the audience of an avant-garde sensibility and different identities.