As far as the citizens of Vojvodina are concerned, Fruška Gora is a mountain despite the fact that its highest peak, Crveni Čot, is only 539 meters high. This geologically very old mountain stretches along the south-east periphery of the Pannonian flatland in the length of 80 km. With its northern parts, Fruška Gora descends mildly towards the Danube. Petrovaradin Fortress is its most northern point, the most southern one is located between Mandjelos and Bešenovo, Slankamen is the most eastern point and the most western one is at Bapska (in the Republic of Croatia).

Since pre-historic times, the area of Fruška Gora has been inhabited by many nations. Multi-ethnic population living here today cherishes historic memory about its origin, national values, rich folk heritage, folk beliefs, literature, music and poems of local communities, traditional way of life, which makes an important tourist potential. This is also the area of important concentration of attractive tourist resources such as spatial cultural-historical units, monastery complexes, significant sites, works with monumental and artistic properties, ethnological heritage, events, and cultural institutions.

Serbian Orthodox monasteries Krušedol, Grgeteg, Staro and Novo Hopovo, Vrdnik, Jazak, Velika Remeta, Mala Remeta, Beočin, Rakovac, Djipša, Privina Glava, Kuveždin, Petkovica, Bešenovo, and Šišatovac belong among most important cultural heritage units.

Richness of nature: animal and plant wildlife, thermal springs – spas, and lakes make the basis for tourism of special interest (walking, cyclo-tourism, rare plant and bird species watching (bird watching), fishing, hunting), as well as for recreational and picnic programmes, schools in nature, nautical, health-spa/wellness tourism. Some of the most famous picnic sites include: Stražilovo, Glavica, Popovica, Iriški Venac, TV Tower, Zmajevac, Brankovac, Andrevlje, Osovlje, Ležimir, Letenka, and Testera. Vrdnik and Slankamen spas develop therapeutical and wellness and anti-stress programmes for wider population.
Fruška Gora is the region of good wines. There are three famous centres for wine production: Irig, Sremski Karlovci, and Šid. The following wines are the most famous: Riesling, Bermet, Frankovka, Merlot, Game, Vranac, Portuguiser, Augsburg…